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James Creelman

James Creelman

 James Creelman is a business author and educator specializing in the Balanced Scorecard and Enterprise Performance Management.  

 Dr David Norton, the co-creator of the Balanced Scorecard has called James “The foremost chronicler and historian of the balanced scorecard movement.” He has authored, or co-authored 20 major reports or books 8 of which focus on the Balanced Scorecard.

 On behalf of The Hackett Group, USA, James has authored reports on World-Class Finance; World-Class EPM; Business Performance Reporting and Analysis; Forecasting; Integrated Planning; Driving out Complexity and Globalization. 

 James is Global Best Practices Leader for the Indonesia-based management consultancy OTI.  He is also a Senior Business Advisor for the USA headquartered The Hackett Group, which provides best practices based and empirically proven advice to clients looking to drive world-class performance.

 James is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars throughout the world. He also leads workshops on the Balanced Scorecard and related topics. 

 He has also served as the Editor of numerous print and on-line business management magazines and regularly presents at conferences, workshops and seminars throughout the world on the Balanced Scorecard and EPM topics.

 James has been designated a Fellow of the Advanced Performance Institute.

Balanced Scorecard Reports and Books written by James Creelman

  • Managing Human Capital in Indonesia: Best Practices in Aligning People with Strategic Goals (Azkia, Indonesia, 2009)
  • The Finance Function: achieving performance excellence in a global economy (Business Intelligence, 2009)
  • Planning and Budgeting for the Adaptive Enterprise (Business Intelligence, 2006)
  • Mastering Business in Asia: Succeeding with the Balanced Scorecard (John Wiley, Asia, 2005) co-author
  • Developing the Public Sector Scorecard (Business Intelligence, 2004) co-author
  • Building a Strategic Balanced Scorecard (Business Intelligence, 2003)
  • Understanding The Balanced Scorecard: An HR Perspective (HR.Com 2002)
  • Creating a Balanced Scorecard (Lafferty Publications, 2001)
  • Creating the HR Scorecard (Business Intelligence, 2001)
  • Building and Developing the Finance Scorecard, (Business intelligence, 2000)
  • Building and Implementing a Balanced Scorecard (Business Intelligence, 1998)

His other reports are:

  • Next Generation HR Shared Services: how to take customer service, efficiency and savings to the next level," Business Intelligence, 2008
  • Creating a World-Class Finance Function: Five Core Capabilities that Generate Added Business Value (Business Intelligence, 2005)
  • Financial Shared Services: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service and Business Benefits (Business Intelligence, 2005)
  • HR Shared Services: Achieving the Business Benefits (Business Intelligence, 2004)
  • Transforming Public Sector Performance (Business Intelligence, 2004) Co-author
  • Corporate Culture: Creating a Customer-Focused Financial Services Organization (Lafferty Publications, 2002)
  • Building and Communicating Shareholder Value (Business Intelligence, 2000)
  • Driving Corporate Culture for Business Success (Business Intelligence, 1999)
  • Creating the Value-Adding Finance Function (Business Intelligence 1998) Updated and reissued as Value Creation: Building Tomorrow’s Finance Function (Business Intelligence 2002)

James can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.