Title: Are you too busy to improve?

Though we all know that change is the only constant thing in business, people are way too resistant to it, even if it is promises a positive impact on the bottom line. Why is it so?...

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You Can't Execute a Strategy that Doesn't Exist

by Paul Niven

Want to improve the odds of strategy execution? Ask any executive that question and they’re certain to nod in enthusiastic agreement...

Putting the "Soft" in Balanced Scorecard Software Selection

by Paul Niven

When it comes to advice aboutchoosing Balanced Scorecard software, most writers and practitioners tend to focus their examination on an organization's perceived technical requirements...

Case Studies

Balanced Scorecard at StatoilHydro

When oil and gas giant StatoilHydro launched its business support unit, Global Business Services (GBS), it quickly created and implemented a cascade of balanced scorecards for three levels...

Creating a Public Sector Scorecard

A large number of companies successfully use some form of Balanced Scorecard to drive their performance management. One reason for this probably lies in the fact that the bottom line of a company...

KPI Library

Choose a list from our resource of Key performance indicators

  • Labour cost as % of sales
  • Revenue generated per Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
  • Unit production per FTEs
  • Labour utilization rate
  • Quality reject rate (employee error)
  • Average days of vacancy duration - staff
  • Average cost of recruitment - staff
  • Average cost per vacancy filled

Tips, Tools and Techniques

Making the Business Case

A full scorecard design and rollout requires clear and tangible business benefits.

Personal Scorecards

Aligning Individual Performance with Strategic Objectives. Making strategy everyone's job.

Choosing Strategic Initiatives

Architecting a Balanced Scorecard requires organizations to master four techniques – effective strategic mapping...

Are you too busy to improve?