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 Business Results Revolution

Business Results Revolution"Business Results Revolution: Three Critical Questions and the Conversations That Transform Business Performance Every Day" by Sandy Richardson strips business success down to the bare essentials and exposes what great companies know and rarely share - sustainable success is achieved through focused conversations that answer the right questions.

Balanced Scorecard and strategy management expert Paul Niven has this to say about the book: "Profound in its simplicity and clarity, this roadmap to business success is packed with insight and practical tools you can begin to use and profit from immediately."

Discover the three question formula explored in depth in Business Results Revolution – its marvelously simple approach will provide you and your team with an effective tool for taking your company's performance and business results to a whole new level.

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Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations

Strategy Mapping for Learning OrganizationsStrategy Mapping for Learning Organizations by Phil Jones describes about Building Agility into Your Balanced Scorecard.

How can we ensure our strategy will succeed, especially in changing and uncertain times? The answer, as explained in Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations, is to become a more responsive organization - one that captures its strategy in strategy maps, learns from that strategy and can adapt to deliver results.

For anyone involved in managing strategy and performance, applying the powerful strategy mapping techniques will move your balanced scorecard from an operational tool to one of strategy and change. It will help you capture, communicate and manage your strategy more effectively.  

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Communicating Strategy

"Communicating Strategy", by Phil Jones, helps you plan and communicate your strategy more effectively. It explains how to think through the design of the communication of your strategy and gives you techniques that ensure people get your message, engage with it and contribute to your strategy.

It has a very simple premise: All plans should be burnt. Instead, the more people understand and engage with your strategy, the more they can help you deliver. However, that requires a clearly presented ideas and a compelling message, communicated effectively. One that is relevant to them and helps them understand how they can make a difference. That is what Communicating Strategy is about.

The book was written to address a gap in the market: There are lots of books about strategies for communication, but far fewer about how to communicate strategy specifically. The book came from listening to strategy being communicated, and being involved in the planning and communication of strategy over 20 years. This included consultancy and line management experience, with many diverse organisations, across the world.   

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Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101

Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101Roadmaps and Revelations: Finding the Road to Business Success on Route 101 uses an entertaining storyline to walk you through the daunting process of creating a successful strategy. Sprinkled with practical examples and workable solutions for business executives, managers, and consultants, this motivating fable will put you on track toward creating a strategy for sustainable success.

Using the fictional storyline of a manager who has just five days to develop a new strategic planning process for his company, this book shows readers how to create a powerful and easy to communicate strategy.

Discover, along with Rory and Sydney, the main characters of the story, what strategic planning is really about, why it is important, and how to develop a simple yet powerful strategy your company can use to set it on the course to success. Through Rory's experience, you will find out why strategic planning is not something left to the "higher ups," but something in which everyone in an organization needs to be invested.

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Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential 

Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance PotentialBjarte Bogsnes has championed many Beyond Budgeting projects and discloses best practices from actual cases in this book Implementing Beyond Budgeting.

Beginning with a Foreword by Robert Kaplan, cofounder of the Balanced Scorecard, this book reveals how your organization can maximize a performance climate with teams committed to a common purpose, shared rewards, and sustained value creation.

This ground-breaking book clearly presents how every organization can release the ambition and energy of its people who were previously slaves to the budgeting process.



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The Execution Premium 

The Execution PremiumThis book focuses on the fact that business strategy is more crucial than ever. Yet most organizations struggle not with devising strategy but with executing it, or putting their strategy into action. Execution failures have lead companies to realize only just a fraction of the financial performance proposed in their strategic plans.

Here Robert Kaplan and David Norton in The Execution Premium clearly state that it doesn't have to be that way, building on their breakthrough works on strategy-focused organizations, the authors describe a multistage system that enables you to gain measurable benefits from your carefully formulated business strategy. This book shows you how to:

- Develop an effective strategy--with tools such as SWOT analysis, vision formulation, and strategic change agendas
- Plan execution of the strategy--through portfolios of strategic initiatives linked to strategy maps and Balanced Scorecards
- Put your strategy into action--by integrating operational tools such as process dashboards, rolling forecasts, and activity-based costing
- Test and update your strategy--using carefully designed management meetings to review operational and strategic data

Drawing on extensive research and detailed case studies from a broad array of industries, The Execution Premium presents a systematic and proven framework for achieving the financial results promised by your strategy.

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Balanced Scorecard Step by Step
Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results

Balanced Scorecard Step by StepThis is the second edition of this highly acclaimed book that has been translated in over a dozen languages. In the foreword to the first edition, Balanced Scorecard co-creator Robert Kaplan had this to say:

"Paul Niven, through his experience as project leader at the excellent and highly successful implementation at Nova Scotia Power, and subsequently as a Balanced Scorecard consultant, is one of the few who can talk and write knowledgeably about how to make the scorecard happen in an organization. "

Balanced Scorecard Step-By-Step guides readers through the processes required for a successful Balanced Scorecard project. In addition he shows how to become a strategy-focused organization by embedding the Balanced Scorecard into critical organizational processes." To buy the book at simply click on the cover.

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Balanced Scorecard Step by Step
For Government and Non-Profit Agencies

Balanced Scorecard for Government and Nonprofit AgenciesReviewers of this book have said,

"Clear, informative and highly implementable advice," and "Niven is one of the best authors on the BSC."

Written with the practitioner in mind, Balanced Scorecard Step by Step and Balanced Scorecard Step by Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies will provide you with the insight and guidance you need to lead your organization through the exciting yet challenging world of Performance Management. To buy the book at simply click on the cover.

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Balanced Scorecard Diagnostics
Maintaining Maximum Performance

Balanced Scorecard DiagnosticsPresenting the next step for Balanced Scorecard implementation, Balanced Scorecard Diagnostics provides a step-by-step methodology for analyzing the effectiveness of your Balanced Scorecard and the tools to reevaluate Balanced Scorecard measures to drive maximum performance.

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, vice presidents, department managers, and business consultants will find all the essential tools for analyzing a Balanced Scorecard to determine if it's running at maximum performance and for seamlessly implementing changes in your Scorecard. To buy the book at simply click on the cover.

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Using the Balanced Scorecard to Create Corporate Synergies

Alignment Robert Kaplan and David NortonReviewers of this book have said,

This book analyzes how to use the Balanced Scorecard to create corporate synergies. The authors have identified five key principles "for aligning an organization's management and Measurement systems to strategy"

- Mobilize change through executive leadership
- Translate strategy into operational terms
- Align the organization to the strategy
- Motivate to make strategy everyone's job
- Govern to make strategy a continual process

Organizations like Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Citizens Schools, Hilton, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Media General, and the U.S. Army more than 30 in total, have been studied to write this book.



Strategy Maps
Converting Intangible Assets into Tangible Outcomes

Strategy Maps Robert Kaplan and David NortonReviewers of this book have said,

Robert Kaplan and David Norton having studied how the BSC has been adopted across various organiztations around the globe have described how companies can create links between their tangible and intangible assets with a tool called the strategy map.

Kaplan and Norton argue that the most critical aspect of strategy-implementing it in a way that ensures sustained value creation-depends on managing four key internal processes: operations, customer relationships, innovation, and regulatory and social processes. The authors show how companies can use strategy maps to link those processes to desired outcomes; evaluate, measure, and improve the processes most critical to success; and target investments in human, informational, and organizational capital.