KPI Library

The following library of key performance indicators is intended to provide an example of the choices some organizations make in building their scorecards and dashboards.


Human Resources

  • Number of Full Time Employees
  • Number of Part Time Employees
  • Total hours utilized
  • Total cost incurred
  • Number of Lost Time Injuries (LTI)
  • Number of lost time days ...



  • Profit After Tax
  • Interest cost reduction
  • Statutory compliance
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Internal customer Satisfaction
  • New products introduced per month ...




Information Technology

  • Hours of user training
  • Improving SLA’s
  • Cost of Infrastructure
  • Cost of delivery
  • Cost of digital storage media
  • Cost of finding and hiring staff ...




Engineering Solutions

  • Forklift sales-domestic
  • Loyalty Index
  • Defects during warranty period
  • Fast Moving Parts Availability
  • Supplier Satisfaction Index
  • Annual Service Contracts ...


More KPIs


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