KPI Library

The following library of key performance indicators is intended to provide an example of the choices some organizations make in building their scorecards and dashboards.



  • Invoice accuracy
  • Total number of customer claims
  • Order entry accuracy
  • Total sales
  • Sales growth
  • Cost per delivery per customer ...


Supply Chain

  • Cost of freight per unit shipped
  • Purchase order cycle time
  • Cash to cash cycle time
  • Average transit time
  • Number of orders shipped
  • Value of fill rate ...




Healthcare Facilities

  • % of planned developments on schedule
  • Clinical evaluations
  • Life cycle costs
  • Building occupancy requirements
  • Service and Repairs
  • Maintenance costs of light service ...




Construction Industry

  • Lean production preparation
  • Just-in-Time
  • Total man-hours worked
  • Reductions in cost from increased plan reliability
  • Cost of labour
  • Cost of materials ...




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