KPI Library

The following library of key performance indicators is intended to provide an example of the choices some organizations make in building their scorecards and dashboards.


Manufacturing Production Ergonomics

  • Ease of employment
  • Practical impact of design
  • Long and short-term span
  • Level of consistence
  • Noise level control
  • Operating times ...


Manufacturing and Production - Human Factor

  • Requirements specification
  • Product liability
  • Efficiency of control structures
  • Assessment of health hazards
  • Cost savings
  • Training on essential job skills ...




Sales and Marketing

  • Costs
  • Average sales per 100 Customers
  • Salaries and sales commissions
  • Lost to competitors
  • Sales by product line
  • Quality of presentation ...




Research & Development

  • Number of prototypes designs pending
  • Cost of safety certifications
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Growth of input in knowledge base
  • Efficiency of product processes
  • Technical rating of product ...




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